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a quick sketch of currently unnamed robot-dude and also currently unnamed hbic creator lady


theselfproclaimedultimatenerd replied to your post: what is a good name for a robotic character with…

What’s their personality like? o.o

ummmm sassy but not c3po sassy

more like siri sassy

i can’t decide if i want to make him capable of speech or not yet

he mainly functions as an assistant to his creator who is this basically what would happen if uhura and scotty had a lovechild because she is beautiful and sassy and an engineer who builds robots and shit in her spare time

i like just started fleshing out this character today so as far as personality goes nothing is concrete yet


what is a good name for a robotic character with one eye? 

reposting here, feel free to suggest pls


workin’ hard or hardly workin’?



uhhmmmm i’m workin’ on a thing

progress on that last thing


Some doodles from this evening. Idk, trying to draw interesting clothes is really amusing. 


idk sketching some mirror uhura

goodnight cruel world


moment of silence for this fanart before I do something wrong and ruin it irredeemably 

this really isn’t that old it’s just not on this blog yet